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Embroidery looks stunning; it will launder well time after time; and the costs are economical, compared with any other means of embellishment.

Most embroiderers charge a set up fee for digitizing (i.e. turning your logo, name and image into a format that an embroidery machine can read), then a price for each 1000 stitches within the design to embroider it.

At LIONHEART, we believe that's a little confusing – how are you supposed to know how many stitches are in your logo?

So we've tried to make it simple.

Lettering Only

We offer 4 different letter styles as standard:


in 5 layout formats:


      1.  £4.00             2 . £4.00            3.  £4.50                 4.  £4.50             5.  £5.00



Prices per garment (exc. VAT) if placed on left/right chest, with no artwork origination or stitch format set up fee.


Prices quoted for embroidery are based on embroidering your own garment(s) for a single item, with discounts available for multiple runs on a sliding scale. Prices are a guideline only and, if you take advantage of our great range of garments and buy the completed items from us, we can offer great deals for both garment and embroidery and/or print. We are happy to embroider garments with more complex or larger designs – just call Wayne or Anita for a quote!

We offer a wide range of garments – from hats to socks, from jackets to T shirts, from aprons to laptop bags – at such competitive prices that the cost of embroidery, in most cases, is almost absorbed! To see a selection of the clothing we carry, click here.